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USP DICTIONARY 2007 - Of USAN and International Drug Names

ISBN: 188978852X

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USP DICTIONARY 2007 - Of USAN and International Drug Names
Editora: USP Pharmacopeial
Edição: Ano: 2007 Nª de Págs.: 1238
Idioma: Inglês
ISBN: 188978852X
Preço: R$ 790,00 - PRONTA ENTREGA
      The USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names is the leading reference for drug names and chemical structures. It also provides other important drug information.
The USP Dictionary lists drug
Generic or U.S. Adopted Names
Brand names
Chemical names
International Nonproprietary Names (INNs)
British Approved Names (BANs)
Japanese Accepted Names (JANs)
Official USP–NF names
FDA-established names
The dictionary also provides
Drug manufacturers' names
Graphical chemical structures
Molecular weights and formulas
Pharmacologic and/or therapeutic categories
CAS registry numbers
Code designations
The VA classification system for medications
USAN submission forms
A drug name pronunciation guide
What's New in the 2007 Edition
Features of over 9,000 updates, including
150 new USANs
108 new INNs
274 new and 3,437 updated chemical structures
1,037 new primary and 2,453 new secondary pronunciations
202 new CAS registry numbers
154 new code designations
Who Needs the USP Dictionary
In the pharmaceutical and related industries, the USP Dictionary is an essential resource for all those who work in the following departments:
Regulatory/compendial affairs
Quality assurance
Research and development
Quality control
Patent and trademark law
Technical documentation
Drug information and safety
The USP Dictionary is an important resource for libraries and for schools of medicine and pharmacy.
Pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who need to know how to pronounce drug names correctly also will find the USP Dictionary an invaluable resource.
How the USP Dictionary Helps
The USP Dictionary helps to
Ensure official compliance in product labeling in order to obtain new drug approval and to avoid "misbranded" products
Determine established generic drug names to use in advertising and brochures as required by U.S. federal law
Preserve trademark rights to drug brand names by using proper generic names
File accurate and acceptable INDs, NDAs, and ANDAs
Avoid errors in reports, correspondence, articles, and package inserts
Verify names and spellings of materials used in laboratory research
Group drug products into families
Determine exact chemical structures and compositions
Avoid serious verbal medication errors
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